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EcoLife® (EL)



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■ EcoLife® (EL)
 Revolution  of Agriculture, Fisheries & Livestock

EcoMineral 71®
All toxin-free Agricultural Crops

   수제담배 / 전자동 담배 제조기 Fuma CMC


Revolution of Agriculture, Fisheries & livestock


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This revolutionary product of EcoLife® (EL) was developed by Mr. Cheon Gun Kim, a famous Korean inventor.

Owing to his patented unique and special cultivating method of Lactic Acid Bacteria and various beneficial microorganisms, we could provide this revolutionary product at the lowest cost in the world.

Patented & FDA(10570168362) approved, as a dietary product, EcoLife® (EL) is the only way to go green for Agriculture, Aquaculture & Livestock industries.

You can see the information on Patent and FDA Certificate  from "EcoLife® Animal, Aqua, Poultry, Agriculture & Compost" by clicking below "CLICK Here".

Our goal is to make a product that contributes to the most sustainable environment for Agriculture, Aquaculture and Livestock Industries.
With innovations based on science, our product is not harmful at all to plants, animals, humans and has no adverse effect on the environment.

We welcome your inquiries and are here to provide detailed information and answers to your questions for a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable environment.

You will see amazing results from actual fields tests from below Presentations. We strongly suggest you to read through General Information, EcoLife Summary and each field presentation together to understand our product EcoLife® (EL):

**CLICK Here** for "General Information" on this great product.

**CLICK Here** for the Presentation of EcoLife® Summary.

**CLICK Here** for the Presentation of EcoLife® Animal.

**CLICK Here** for the Presentation of EcoLife® Aqua.

**CLICK Here** for the Presentation of EcoLife® Poultry.

**CLICK Here** for the Presentation of EcoLife® Agriculture.

**CLICK Here** for the Presentation of EcoLife® Compost(Soil

**CLICK Here** for EcoLife®(Lactic Acid Bacteria) Test Results for
                             shrimp farming in Indonesia.


Propagation of Starter Cultures in the Factory


EcoLife®(EL)  Main  Factory in Hwasung



EcoLife®(EL) Automated Factory in Jeju Island


2nd Culture Facility of EcoLife®(EL) in Suwon(SNU)


Recently built New EcoLife(EL) Factory in Taebaek


Tea Leaves Collection for Propagation of Starter Cultures


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