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e.Green Fan Heater



e.Green Heater

e.Green Fan Heater

Heat Pipe

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Fan-Forced Convection Heater



**12.5kW Catalog**      
**12.5kW Instruction Manual**

Newly invented and patented eGREEN FAN HEATER, Fan-Forced Convection Heater, has multiple heating elements with total power usage much lower than the competitions similar fan heaters and specially designed shape for maximum efficiency and energy saving, which enables our eGREEN FAN HEATER to be 7 ~ 8 times more efficient compared to other similar fan heaters.

- High efficiency portable space heaters capable of heating small
  residential and large commercial/industrial spaces.

- We manufacture a variety of sizes that can heat virtually any size room
  or space, from a small bedroom to greenhouses  from chicken farms to   construction sites.


Our Technology

- Innovative patented technology
- Multiple heating
- More than 90% of the air that passes through is heated
- Self cooling fan motor
- Sturdy construction



- Maximum Energy Saving
- Minimum Energy Usage
- Maximum Safety
- Maximum Exit Temperature of 240
- Remote Control
- We have achieved up to 90% energy savings by heating more than 90%
  of the air that passes through the heating   chambers.
- We use a technique in which our patent is based on that minimizes
  energy waste.
- Our heaters will heat faster than any other similar heaters.


The Competition

All competitors use the same old technology requiring a large heating element mounted in front of the air blower and forcing air at hgh speed through it. As a result, only a small amount(10~15%) of the forced air is heated. This old method requires a rather larger in dimensions housing and large(CFM) blowers.

- Most of the competitions fan heaters are considered to be Energy   Guzzlers.
Limited Usage
- Noisy Operation
- Much Lower Exit Temperature of 90
~120 compared to that of 240℃   ~260 of ours.

2012 Riyadh Agriculture Exhibition(Sept. 24 - 27, 2012)
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Our Secret

eGREEN FAN HEATER, Fan-Forced-Air type is designed, patented and manufactured in South Korea by a team of highly trained, skillful engineers with extensive knowledge in “energy saving heating and air-conditioning.”


Fan-Forced-Air  type Structure

- Our secret is our ability to design a heater which allows no energy waste   and by controlling the air flow heats fast and   efficiently.
- We use multiple heating elements but kept the total power usage much   lower than the competition
s similar fan heaters.
- We source and use high quality parts.
- We maintain 100% ownership of our products.



- Our own manufacturing facilities are ISO compliant and certified.
- We maintain the highest standards in quality.
- We assure safety and remain our number one priority.



- Home Use
- Car Garages
- Office, Commercial Showrooms, Temporary Exhibits
- Industrial, Warehouses, Temporary Storage Areas
- Chicken Farms
- Greenhouses
- Solariums


12.5 KW for Industrial Use


Principle of Operation



- 12.5KW Industrial Use for Greenhouses, Farms and Construction Sites
Most of Korea’s major construction companies, like Hyundai & LG, are using our eGREEN FAN HEATER in their construction sites in winter time to shorten their construction period of time by drying quickly their concrete structures with only 10% of costs compared to their conventional way of drying concrete structures. They have so far used brown coal, which have caused higher cost and a lot more man power creating environmental problem. But our eGREEN FAN HEATER solved all the problems with only 10% of the total cost.

Two greenhouse testing in Saudi Arabia and Canada showed amazing testing results and both decided to go with our e.Green Fan Heater.
**Click HERE** for the pictures of testing scenes in Greenhouses of Al Gart of Saudi Arabia and Turkey Point of Canada and **Click HERE** for the testing reseults.

- Dimensions: 325(W) x 400(H) x 790(L)mm
- Weight: 34 Kgs
- Voltage: 220~240VAC/3 Phase
- Wattage: 12.5 kW
- Frequency: 50/60 Hz
- Power Rating: 50 Amps
- Wire: AWG 10
- Hot Air Volume per Minute: 1130 CFM(32 CMM)
- Average Exit Temperature: 240 ~ 260

Time to Maximum Exit Temperature: 3 Minutes



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