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EcoMineral 71®



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 Revolution  of Agriculture, Fisheries & Livestock

EcoMineral 71®
All toxin-free Agricultural Crops

   수제담배 / 전자동 담배 제조기 Fuma CMC


All toxins/chemicals free from all
Agricultural Crops

 **CLICK Here** US FDA Cert. under the old name of GOLD CA.
 **CLICK Here** for Test Reports

 *The test reports are all in Korean language.
 *The 1st one shows Calcium absorption rate by taking Alion Water
       and rice grown with Alion Water.
 *The 2nd one shows blood alcohol contents reduction 30 minutes after        drinking Alion Water. Far right on the table shows the reduction        percentage.....Done by Dr. Cho, Junghyuk of KIST.
 *The 3rd one shows complete removal of any chemical/toxic residues
       from 4 - year old ginseng. Just one time spray 10 days before the        harvest.....Done by SGS.
 *The 4th one shows unbelievably increased Calcium in eggs after
       15 days' and one month's Alion Water application, respectively.
 *The 5th one shows Alion Water contains 200 times of more Calcium
       compared to that of normal mineral water.

What is EcoMineral 71?

      EcoMineral 71 is powder type of organic mineral product, extracted from seaweeds
 unlike most of other inorganic minerals, which makes no side effects at all in
 case of overdoses. Seaweeds contain various kinds of microelements which are  essential  minerals for both animals and plants. The number 71 in the name of
"EcoMineral 71" stands for 71 different kinds of essential minerals in EcoMineral 71.

 Minerals are essential for both animals and plants. However, it is not easy for both  animals and plants to absorb necessary minerals. EcoMineral 71 was made it easy to
 be absorbed by both animals and plants owing to pico technology and of converting to  active substances (Bioactivity materials).
 Unless nutrients and minerals are converted to  active substances, they cannot be
 absorbed by animals and plants as well.
 Thus, EcoMineral 71 can penetrate animal skins and plants
leaves and/or be
 absorbed by animals
intestines and plants roots.

 Both chelation and dissolution (breaking up) are important works of EcoMineral

Efficacy of EcoMineral 71

      So far, we have tested more than 470 times through well-known institutes  and testing    laboratories acquired KOLAS to meet international standards.  
   Efficacy of EcoMineral 71 stated below are all tested and proved by testing labs of    KOLAS.

      The name of EcoMineral 71 has just recently changed for worldwide marketing from
 old names of
Gold Ca and Alion Water.

  1) All toxic ingredients from pesticides and/or chemicals are to be
completely removed from all vegetables and fruits if you spray
diluted EcoMineral 71 5~7 days before harvest.

  2) All agricultural crops to be increased by average 10% and shelf life to be increased
at least by 20%. In case of chili peppers, crop increase showed 30% more in Korea.

  3) EcoMineral 71 has excellent preventive effect against anthrax, one  of the biggest headaches in farming.

  4) EcoMineral 71 increases contents of minerals in all agricultural produce by over 200% at least.

  5) EcoMineral 71 makes all plants a lot smellier.

  6) If feeded to live stocks, much better meat quality and contents of minerals to be increased by 30 ~ 40%.

  7) If feeded to layer chickens, laying period to be increased by over 30% and eggs mineral contents to be increased at least by 80%.

How to use EcoMineral 71?

      Simple and easy for both animals and plants.

      Mix EcoMineral 71 with water at the ratio of 1:2,000 [1 g - bean size of EcoMineral 71:       2,000 ml (2 liter) of water] and either feed or do foliar spray.

      If sprayed to plants, water should be also foliar sprayed like fog at least once a day
 for  4 ~5 days in dry areas like Saudi Arabia except other areas like Korea and Japan  where dewdrops fall down on plants during night time.

 When you do foliar spray in greenhouses, you also need to do foggy spray of water
 at least once a day for 4 ~ 5 days after foliar spray of EcoMineral 71.

 Total 3 ~ 4 times foliar sprays until harvest is recommended.

      For complete removal of toxic ingredients from any kinds of vegetables and
 fruits, do foiliar spray just once, 5 ~ 7 days before the harvest.
 1 kg of EcoMineral 71 mixed with 2 M/Ts of water can cover 13,200 sq meters,
 which is identical with 1.32 hectares or 3.26 acres of land.

How to test for verification of EcoMineral 71s efficacy?

1) Do foliar spray of EcoMineral 71 diluted at 1:2,000 with once a day foliar spray of water slightly like fog for 4 ~ 5 days in dry areas like Saudi and greenhouses as well, and wait for 5 ~ 7 days and then check for any residues of any kinds of toxic ingredients from the vegetables or fruits. This test should be done before harvest, i.e. fruits on the trees and vegetables on the soil.

2) Feed EcoMineral 71 to layer chicken for either 15 or 30 days, mineral contents of eggs to be increased by 30~40% and 80%, respectively.

3) If sprayed to flowers, the color of flowers and leaves to be more colorful and greener showing healthy leaves. Foggy spray for 4~5 days also needed in dry areas like Saudi and greenhouses as well.

4) If EcoMineral 71 is added to water, the water to be changed to alkaline water almost instantly due to EcoMineral 71. Most of drinking waters acidity shows pH 7 ~ 8 however, EcoMineral 71 added water shows above pH 12.

5) Above mentioned facts are hardly believable. Therefore, we would like you to try some tests as indicated above. Seeing is believing!



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