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e.Green Heater

e.Green Fan Heater

Heat Pipe

■ EcoLife® (EL)
 Revolution  of Agriculture, Fisheries & Livestock

EcoMineral 71®
All toxin-free Agricultural Crops

   수제담배 / 전자동 담배 제조기 Fuma CMC


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We had been in athletic footwear business for more than 20 years, mostly exporting to U.S. market since 1981.

Now with new company names of KorSun International, Inc./KorSun Electronics, Inc./Zhongshan Hongtai Industrial Co., Ltd./One Enertech Co., Ltd./E.Green Heater Co., Ltd./Alion EcoLife Co., Ltd./YN Global/KorSun CMC, Inc. as a business group, we are now expanding our business lines to any kinds of products exportable/importable out of/into Korea.

Now, we mainly manufacture/export the Heat Pipe related energy-saving products such as e.Green Heater and e.Green Fan Heater, all invented under Patent Nos. 0387358, 0387377 and PCT/KR2005/002568.

Recently, we added two great products of EcoLife® (EL), a revolutionary product for Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock Industries, and KorSun CMC(Custom Made Cigarettes) for domestic market here in Korea.

Any kinds of your favorable inquiries for any products are welcome !!!






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